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With this document, the Company Administration wants to establish a policy that allows harmonious company growth while satisfying customer’s requirements and expectations, preventing pollution and health / safety risks of all employees.

Under this strategy, the Company Administration focuses and encourages their employees, suppliers and customers to share common objectives, in order to develop efficient and continuous improvements, as defined in standards NP EN ISO 9001, NP EN ISO 14001 e NP 4397/OHSAS18001.

It is of primordial importance:

  • Encourage employee’s creativity and innovation by making the appropriate training and necessary technology available for all in order to reach financial and economic profitability;
  • Fulfil the employees, suppliers and other entities financial commitments;
  • Minimize the environment impacts, particularly those resulting from the production of waste, consumption and use of chemicals products, water consumption and wastewater discharge;
  • To prevent safety and health risks that can result in incidents and professional diseases;
  • Respect the principles of corporate ethics in business relationships with customers and suppliers, considering unacceptable corruption;
  • Develop actions to ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements.

Edition: 04